About the Weaver

My name is Vassie Sinopoulos and I have been weaving for thirty years. I was born in a Greek village where every family had a loom and weaving was an indispensable household activity. My vivid childhood memories of weavers getting together to dress the looms lured me to become a weaver when I moved to Vermont in 1981. I love working with threads and watching them being transformed into colored cloth like a pupa turning into a butterfly.

A personal love for languages and exploration took me all over Europe, North Africa, Latin America and Canada. Even though each country has its own language, the art of weaving is universal. In 1994 I took my family to Greece for a year to attend the Women’s Weaving Center in Athens. I am an advocate of the importance of women’s contribution to the evolution of human-kind. I have produced two documentaries about women, “Women Healers and Midwives”, and “Women at the Loom”.

I work with a variety of materials and threads. My scarves are made from 100% chenille, a thread that is both durable and silky soft. I use recycled t-shirts, wool and other fabrics for place mats and area rugs of different sizes. I am delighted to have discovered the most beautiful alpaca wool grown here in Vermont. I work on some old and new floor looms using different techniques and weaving designs. I enjoy working with clients creating and designing special orders for their homes and offices.

In 2009 I started the Heritage Weaving Studio, a nonprofit organization, in the old woolen mill of Bridgewater, Vermont, where I donate my time and teach for free.

I continue to enjoy living in Woodstock Vermont, where I have raised my family and many chickens.