When you go into both Vassie’s home studio, and her large non-profit studio at the Bridgewater Mill, it is hard to not be struck by the beautiful old looms and stunning collection of woven pieces. I have been apprenticing with Vassie, through her teaching I have learned about each stage of the weaving process. Through the color inspirations, planning and calculating measurements to the time it takes to measure, warp and thread the looms. Although the actual weaving is such a small part of the time it takes to make a piece of work, Vassie is passionate and finds great joy in each step of the process. Her woven pieces are timeless and inspiring. She has a unique eye for color and texture, and makes everything from the humble rag rug to the elegant table setting into a work of art.

With Vassie’s teachings I have been working on adding on to my own business as a clothing maker. I make tops, dresses and accessories for women, and often have a lot of scraps collected from the process. I have since started incorporating those scraps into small weavings of my own, and Vassie has been a big part of helping me expand my business to include handwoven work.

Giving the gift of handmade honors both the artist and the recipient of the gift, even if it is for yourself! Having something unique, that is lovingly crafted and made to last, is a special thing.

Eve Winslow


On one of my frequent wanderings around The Bridgewater Mill where I have a Gilding Studio. I have watched Vassie and her wonderful volunteers weave the most lovely,colourful cotton rugs from t shirts.

It is fascinating to watch the different stages of how Vassie sets up the looms,to use of color and design. Each loom has it’s own character which gives each rug its own unique look and texture. I have been wanting a rug for my house for sometime and finally found the design and color I liked. Alas the rug was too short for the particular space where I wanted
it to go. No problem ! Vassie was so kind and made me a replica rug to the size I wanted. I am thrilled with my purchase.

I am in Ireland but will stop by to see you when I get back

Bye from The lovely Emerald Isle,